About Kara

Kara Griffin is a certified holistic nutritionist, health counselor, personal trainer and group fitness instructor who uses western science and the tenets of eastern medicine for a complete, mindful approach to food, fitness and overall health.

A National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, Kara’s passion for health stemmed from a love for dance and movement. While getting her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography at Elon University she studied Somatic Theories, yoga and pre-med human anatomy and became certified in Pilates.

Later when she moved to New York and began to dance professionally, went on to run Plank Pilates studio co-creating the Plank’s Progressive Pilates Certification Program.

She further served as head trainer, method director and head of training at leading New York boutique studio Bari. She is also certified in and teaches, TRX, HIIT training, circuit training, Lagree method, and Bartinieff Fundamentals to name a few diverse elements.

Kara’s work in nutrition has been another passion-turned-career experience, and she received her holistic nutrition certificate from the Academy of Healing Nutrition in New York. Her specialties in this realm involve constitutional-based nutrition, recipe creation and mindfulness coaching. She believes that no two bodies are the same, and because of that she strives to not only find the foods that will heal the body, positively affect digestion and energize daily life but also educate clients on how to take ownership of this part of life. She guides clients to their goals an accountable and sustainable way.

She believes we should eat, move and live for how we want to feel. If we can focus on the actions that make us feel good, like we’re fully alive, everything else will fall into place. Ya feel me?


A little gratitude…

  • to Conor Britain for his beautiful web design and patience with me;
  • to J. McMerty for his sunset photos and generosity;
  • to my parents for their constant belief in me;
  • and to my friends, loves and creative tribe for always lifting me up.