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FitnessGenes DNA Testing is here!

The old adage is true: knowledge is power. This is especially true when it comes to knowing your body. I’m thankful to FitnessGenes for giving me more knowledge about my body to have more power over my wellness and I’m proud to say I’m now an affiliate with the brand. Check out my FitnessGenes microsite here  and use the code FEELTHIS10 to get 10% off your DNA test!  Read more about my experience with FitnessGenes and email me at kara@feelthiswithkara.com if you have any questions.


Finding my FitnessGenes

Part of why I’m into fitness and nutrition is because I like to nerd out on science and I’m fascinated by the body. On the flip side, I fully believe in the power of intuition and trusting your gut–we can intensely know ourselves if we just listen.   I recently did the FitnessGenes test and I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered: ultimately, what I knew about my fitness and nutrition inherently was only confirmed by what my genetic testing told me! I, of course, learned a lot of…read more


Feel This Burn Snapshot

“What’s your class like?” asks everyone all the time. Here’s a little peek into what you get when you step in the room for Feel This Burn. Want to learn even more about it? And the why behind its creation? Check it out here. Videos by Jesse DeYoung + Shay Kostabi