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Kara Griffin is amazing! She is an inspiring instructor, and her enthusiasm about fitness is contagious.  I always look forward to a session with Kara, because I know I will work really hard and leave with a feeling of accomplishment (and soreness!). Kara genuinely cares about her clients, and takes the time to learn their strengths and weaknesses.  She focuses on your form to ensure that you are getting the most out of the movement.  Kara will work with you on that one exercise you think you just can’t do at all, and you’ll actually get better at it.  Her dance background and knowledge of human physiology give her classes a unique and creative edge.

My only complaint is that she moved to Los Angeles 🙂

–Luisa, New York

I listened to Kara’s advice, followed her lead and changed my eating habits.  I had thought that I wasn’t “too unhealthy,” but when I starting to follow her advice things changed dramatically.  In two months my overall cholesterol dropped over 60 points, a 29% decrease!  My HDL went up 26%, the LDL went down 31% and I lost 23 pounds. The most wonderful thing is my energy level – I never feel lethargic anymore. Because of her recipes and suggestions am enjoying foods I usually ignored and now embrace.  All the great numbers aside, I have never felt better in my life!

–William, Massachusetts

I’ve had the pleasure of moving, dining and vibing with Kara for many years now, and you are very lucky if you have the opportunity to do the same. She is a guru on all things health and wellness, but more than that she’s an amazing person all around. You’ll want to be around her, learn from her, work with her, and will trust her exceptional training and experience to help you become your best self.

–Sarah, California

Kara has a unique ability to dig down inside of a person, speak to their soul, and heal them. Her compassion for her clients and passion for health are profoundly genuine, proving teaching people to live in harmony with their bodies must be part of she was meant to do on this earth.


Also, she is a kitchen wizard — she concocts original recipes inspired by everyday life, and shares her creations like candy. Conversely, you can tell her what’s in your kitchen or what cravings are getting you stuck, and she’ll spin up something new just for you. I’ll never be the same!

–Alexis, California

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