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#feelthisburn LA at Aura Yoga

photo by Minimalist Movement

photo by Minimalist Movement

Wednesdays 7am
Sunset Plaza, West Hollywood
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LA #feelthisburn classes by request. Click here to book. 

#feelthisburn NYC at Downtown Dance Factory

photo by Craig Hanson

Mondays 6:30pm
Taught by Courtney Romano
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NYC #feelthisburn classes by request. Click here to book. 



What’s Feel This Burn?

Feel This Burn is a full-body dynamic toning class that exhausts every muscle group and elevates the heart rate all while moving with the music. Light weight and resistance plus the power of your own body weight fuels this class that melds pilates, bootcamp and dance-based movement. Class is bookended with savasana and mindful breathing.

 Not in LA or NYC?

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