Dig In

Dig in. I love that phrase and all that it applies to: your favorite home cooked meal, your most challenging workout, your seemingly insurmountable dreams, your life’s inexplicable yet irresistible relationships. It’s all about resolve, focus, and immersion.


But when you dig in, can you make it void of all resistance or negativity? Digging in doesn’t have to be wasted effort or working hard just to work hard. You don’t have to push until you find your breaking point or toe the line of your fragile limits. You don’t have to dig yourself into a hole where the tunnel to the sky is narrow, with no stable hand or foot holds to get you into the daylight.


But rather, can the digging in be a rising up? Where you stand firmly in the dirt and ground your feet. Where your connection to the earth energizes you so much that you have no choice but to push upward and outward, finding ascent and breadth. You’re so grounded you can only grow into where the light is, and you have roots to keep you stable while you reach.


Dig into the small things in life–see how a casual conversation becomes more present, or actually taste the food you’re putting in your body. Dig into the big things in life–see how your goals become reality and how you can live the positive benefits of your hard work.
When you plant your feet to dig in you allow yourself some time in that opposition: a firm base where you can then reach, spread and expand to gather up all the goodness in this life.