Making It: An interview with author and creative Courtney Romano

Courtney Romano is a soul sistah, creative compatriot and all around amazing person who I’m lucky enough to call my friend. She started a new online interview series called MAKING IT where she explores the definition of success. I was lucky enough to be her first guest. Check it out!

Don’t have an hour to watch. Check out these topics with Courtney’s helpful guide–

  • Why “Making It” was made. {1:05}
  • Kara’s bio {4:41}
  • Why restaurant servers always give Kara the side eye. {13:21}
  • Kara tells me that red wine is the healthiest thing ever… kind of… {16:47}
  • The connection between mindfulness and healthy eating {18:01}
  • Using your positive self-talk to tap into your instinct {25:35}
  • Rules to staying on track over the holidays {31:44}
  • How Feel This was started and named {36:00}
  • Connection and passion {40:01}
  • The biggest challenge to busting out of traditional ways of making money {43:39}
  • What prepared Kara the most for starting Feel This {49:01}
  • Kara’s biggest failure {54:06}
  • Knowing you have an instinct + why you must take action on it {1:02:02}
  • Kara’s advice for starting something new {1:05:56}
  • Making healthy choices during the holidays when others pressure you to indulge {1:09:23}
  • Kara tells us what “making it” means {1:14:08}
  • How to hire Kara {1:15:30}