So You Still Haven’t Tried Meditation Yet…

Sure, meditation can sometimes seem like a buzzy wellness trend, but it’s also an extremely effective tool for a calm mind. I definitely used to be a meditation resistor, but I then found my groove with it. (How, where, when and why I meditate all admittedly¬†took investigative trial and error.)

I recently came across this article on Vea Fitness‘s blog: The Top 3 Reasons Highly Successful People Meditate. I know I would’ve found it helpful for when I was just starting meditation and it reminded me why this practice can be so crucial to a productive life.

I mean, when writer Lucy Cardona breaks it down into clarity, stress reduction and success it makes me want to clear the rest of my day to get into the depths of my mind. (Excuse me while I go that right now.)

Enjoy the post and check out Vea’s awesome app where you workout for rewards!