This is Why

I’ve always found it reductive that when asked “what do you do?” we spit out a title or a phrase. “I’m a personal trainer and a nutritionist.”  All true, but it’s never quite covered it for me. It’s especially sad because this title or phrase usually ends up defining us in some way.


Last week, after incredibly inspiring classes and webinars with two of my favorite wellness and creative leaders (Patricia Moreno and Courtney Romano), I was forced to face my “why.” The weighted three letter word that is the driving force behind all we do.  I then forced myself to sit down, write it out and be clear enough that I could share it here.


I know that when you read this you might want to barf for how butterflies-and-rainbows it all sounds, but I believe all of this. It’s exactly why I do what I do.


So here’s the “why” behind my every day, my career and Feel This.


  • Because I can’t imagine doing anything else.
  • Because I can’t imagine not living with purpose everyday.
  • Because when I’m gone from this earth I want at least one person to feel that I empowered them to live better.
  • Because I want to connect with people via their health and help them find the tools to live healthy, happy lives.
  • Because I want to show people they also have the resources within to get better acquainted with themselves, take action and heal.
  • Because our happiness is defined by the status of our whole health.
  • Because when we find our personal life balance and happiness, we can lead bright, productive and positive lives.

And what would happen if the whole world lived that way…?


My goal is to always share information and education with personal findings to lead you to your own greater mindfulness, ownership and excitement for your health. I can’t and won’t be serious all the time (because then we’ll never get there), but connecting over these items could have seriously amazing effects on your wellness. I can’t wait to keep uncovering and discovering with you.


Indefinite thanks to Patricia Moreno and Courtney Romano for helping me get there this week. I knew this all along, but you got me to bring it into the light.
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