We Are Only Our Thoughts

It was the end of a hot yoga class, and I was coming out of the kind of savasana where you really feel the meaning of “corpse pose.” I was lying in my own sweat (goodbye, sweat angel; hello, sweat puddle), and my body had somehow twisted out of the anatomical position I’d started in. Fluttering my eyes open, my vision was blurry from sweat and the sun filtering in through the skylights overhead. As I was reawakening and coming out of my savasana trance, I let myself lie completely still for a few more moments. I was feeling a deep sense of mind-body connection and even a mind-ruling-body connection. I couldn’t move from this spot if my mind didn’t tell my body to do so. I could continue to lie here until my mind, my thoughts, became the action of my body.

I was completely reduced.

We are only our thoughts. And it’s with these thoughts that we control our body. It’s how we take physical shape in the world. They are who we become in matter and mass.They decide who we interact with and how. They’re the positive or negative spin we put on life’s facts. How we connect and impact. How we live life.

Take the mindful travel of a thought the next time you, well, think to do so. How did this one thought become an action? And what reactions from yourself and others came from that action? How did these personal and outside reactions affect other thoughts and therefore other actions? See if you can map your thought-to-action cycle. You’ll see how powerful your thoughts are and how you are actively participating in and shaping your life.

Okay, that’s some heavy sh*t. Take a deep breath and just sit a moment with your thoughts. Ya feel me?